My Still Point


"I discovered Reiki and met Daniela through yoga. At the time I was using yoga as a way of relaxing during a period of upset and stress in my life. From childhood through to adulthood, I had learned to cope with upset and stress by distraction techniques and keeping myself busy, which had always been sufficient and effective for me. However, following a deeply upsetting time I was unable and unwilling to distract myself from my feelings and wanted to feel my emotions, but in such a way that I was still bale to function day to day with family life and work. Daniela's Reiki treatments have offered me the deep relaxation which have kept me buoyant during these times. Daniela has taught me how to relax throughout the day; her approach is calm, sensitive and supportive and following Reiki treatments I always feel like my emotions have had a hug! "

Beverly, York

"I had never had a reiki treatment before I met Daniela. In early last year I had an experience which propelled me into seeking healing. The experience brought up old wounds that I had spent years in counselling to heal. The 4 treatments I had with Daniela were far more effective than the years of counselling I had endurered. I left after treatment light and refreshed feeling deeply relaxed. "

Hannah Robertson, Doula & Teacher

"I completed my Reiki I and Reiki II with Daniela Pala in April and June 2012. Daniela is a fantastic teacher. Because I had undertaken Reiki I and II ten years ago (and unfortunately not had chance to practice it, hence the reintroduction when I finally did have time), we spoke about the course in detail, particularly because the course differed a bit from when I was first attuned.

Taking the Reiki attunements with Daniela was simply amazing. Whilst the manuals from Reiki Evolution provided a considerable amount of material, such as hand placements and information about Reiki in general (including some very useful sections on other people's experience of Reiki), this was our background reading for the comprehensive yet gentle journey into Reiki that Daniela took us on.

Because of my first experience with Reiki, from 12 years ago, was considerably rusty to say the least, I was happy for Daniela to explain the basics, and take us through the course step-by-step. We were encouraged to ask questions along the way and Daniela had structured the course in such a flexible way as to allow us to work through it at our own pace, with lots of wonderful discussion along the way. What was also absolutely brilliant about the course was how we got to do lots of practice. We experimented with our aura, finding our still point in meditating on mindfulness and breathing, and of course, lots of practicing with the Reiki energy.

Being attuned to Reiki is beautiful, and you have to be happy with your teacher. Daniela is such a lovely teacher; gentle and very kind. She gives ongoing support on your journey into Reiki and is always there should you need advice. My step mother was going through a very hard time with cancer whilst I was on both of the Reiki courses so being able to know more fully that I was able to reach her through distant healing meant a lot to me. Reiki I and Daniela also helped to calm me considerably enough to attend an interview for my dream job - which I got! Meeting regularly for Reiki shares also allows me to delve deeper into the practice, speaking to others and finding out about their experiences with Reiki and healing with Reiki.

When you meet Daniela it is as if she is made of light, and you kind of absorb this light and feel this connection to all that is. You, in turn, become lighter, seeing things in a more caring, loving way. Daniela is currently supporting me through preparing for pregnancy, helping me to use Reiki (and Guided Visualisations) to eliminate any fears I have about what the future holds. Having Reiki will help me work on myself before and during pregnancy, and has given me a powerful tool to share with my baby during pregnancy and after they arrive. "


"Daniela took me on a guided visualisation to work on my ability to manifest my ideas.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to experience a guided visualisation with Daniela. She took me on a beautiful journey that allowed me access to a block that I now understand. Even though we email each other, Daniela didnít know how much her words resonated with my experiences.

The words were perfect and affirmative. The visuals were powerful and rang true for me. There were many things in the guided visualisation that connected with real experiences. I connected more deeply with myself during it, leaving me feeling like I am definitely on the right track.

Within the guided visualisation Daniela incorporated a cue to help me during daily life that would indicate all is well. Throughout the guided visualisation, I felt to be in wise hands. I sensed beforehand that all I needed to do was to listen and absorb the experience. The guided visualisation with Daniela highlighted and confirmed my own higher guidance, which was extremely reassuring."

Sabina May Ferrazzano, Holistic Therapist

"I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of Reiki Treatments from Daniela during my pregnancy with my second child. Daniela is a very caring practitioner and makes you feel at complete ease. Reiki is the perfect relaxing treatment, which allows both your mind and body to switch off and recharge! I had the best night's sleep I'd had in months after setting that as my intention in my first session. I would recommend Reiki and Daniela to anyone who feels they need some time to relax/heal themselves on what ever level is right for them."

Laura Law, Holistic Therapist

Reiki Courses 1 and 2. "I want to thank Daniela for being my reiki master. Daniela has such clarity and warmth in her teaching. She is patient and kind and i enjoyed the days of teaching. I feel she has given me the biggest gift to self heal and heal others thank you."

Hannah Robertson, Doula & Teacher

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