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About Guided Visualisations & Affirmations

Guided Visualisations are a proven way to achieve a highly successful and lasting alteration to your perspectives, which means that you can release and re-frame your life events to better serve you and/or you can work with them to achieve set goals or wishes you might have.

Our minds are powerful; guided visualisations are there to help us achieve our desired outcome: athletes use them to win medals; mums-to-be can visualise birthing their child, creating a safe space for themselves and their babies.

As a qualified Guided Visualisations and Affirmation Teacher (I studied under the guidance of the talented Anna-Louise Haigh) I find working with Guided Visualisation and Affirmations a highly enriching experience. I can assist you in healing your past, helping you to enrich your present and empower yourself so you can live your life more authentically.

These personalised sessions are designed to help you release limiting beliefs, clear past issues, deal with emotional concerns and generate greater confidence to help you achieve a desired outcome.

Affirmations are positive statements written and/or spoken in the present tense as though they were real. They are personalised to you because you need to feel and integrate them in your life as if they were already happening.

You create your own affirmation with my guidance; an affirmation which is highly effective in bringing about changes and long-lasting positive new thinking.

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" I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of Reiki Treatments from Daniela during my pregnancy with my second child. Daniela is a very caring practitioner and makes you feel at complete ease. Reiki is the perfect relaxing treatment, which allows both your mind and body to switch off and recharge! I had the best night's sleep I'd had in months after setting that as my intention in my first session. I would recommend Reiki and Daniela to anyone who feels they need some time to relax/heal themselves on what ever level is right for them."

Laura Law, Holistic Therapist