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Reiki Courses:

I teach Reiki Evolution Courses ( as this was the teachings I received. I find Reiki Evolution to offer simple & authentic Usui Japanese style of Reiki.

Reiki Shoden Level I

At Level I students learn about how to use Reiki to balance their own energy system allowing self-healing and spiritual development.

Using the manual and CDs provided by the Reiki Evolution, you will learn about Reiki and how to follow the original system in the modern world; daily energy exercises and self-treatments; the Reiki Precepts & mindfulness. You will receive 3 Reiju empowerments and also have the confidence to work not only on yourself, but with friends and family using Reiki techniques.

Reiki Okuden Level II

At Level II you learn techniques that deepen your experience of the energy, advancing your self-healing and spiritual development.

Again, using the manual and CD provided by the Reiki Evolution, you will learn three mantras and symbols to meditate on and focus, so to develop a strong connection to a specific energy. Studying at Level II allows you to use Reiki professionally, though the emphasis is still on self-healing and spiritual development.

Again, you will receive 3 Reiju empowerments; learn about using intent to direct Reiki energy and using your intuition whilst giving Reiki.

Reiki Shinpiden Level III (Master/Teacher)

You will focus your learning on energy exercises and meditations; learn the Master Symbol & Mantra; experience energies in different ways using these energies on yourself and others; the use of other Symbols and the use of Reiki Kotodama; The power of Intent and the potential of Intuition; Western Attunements, Japanese Empowerments and self-empowerments. You will learn how to teach Reiki to others.

Specialist Courses: - Reiki Shoden Level I for Mums with Babies

This course can be covered over two mornings or two afternoons or a whole day (whatever suits mums better). By the end of it you will feel confident to use Reiki healing on yourself and your baby, plus friends and family.

I know how hard it is to fit in any type of study course or outing and finding help with childcare, with this course you bring your baby in with you. Babies are very receptive to Reiki so tend to stay calmer in a space where Reiki energy is being channelled.

However, adequate times for breaks, breast-feeding/bottle feeding, changes of nappies are given so that at not given time you feel under pressure.

Any parent who studies to this level will notice how Reiki spontaneously flows to their children through their palms whenever they are handling them. Any time you hold your baby and rock them to sleep, when you carry them, when you're feeding them, caressing their hair, being mindful of who they are...Reiki will flow through you to them and they will be bathed by the healing and calming energy of Reiki. One thing to always remember is how Reiki will not harm and it is always given for the highest good of the recipient (adult/child)

Specialist Courses: - Reiki Shoden Level 1 for Mums-to-be

Learn Reiki for yourself whilst pregnant and become familiar with a method that can help you feel calm and balanced, therefore passing these gentle feelings to your baby so that you two connect more on a deeper level. We also use Guided Visualisations, mindfulness and affirmations to promote a nurturing space and visualise a positive outcome. Your baby is always listening!

Learn how to use Reiki now that you have more time to focus on yourself, on your own nurturing, with the knowledge that you will be able to continue once your baby is born. The whole family can benefit from you using Reiki energy and the calm achieved by meditating with this energy will create ripples far beyond the birth of your baby.

The live course is generally held over one and half days, but it could be split over three mornings or three afternoons.

Prior to any of the above courses you will receive a study pack, which consists of a comprehensive Manual and Audio CDs, giving you a chance to learn the theory of Reiki at your own pace whilst focusing on the practical side on the day. Please contact me if you require any more information or have any queries.

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