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I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Guided Visualisation & Affirmation Teacher.

Back in 2007 I was finding work emotionally draining and was looking for other ways other than exercise to release stress and find inner calm and serenity.

I stumbled onto Reiki when my husband was creating a website for my soon-to-be Reiki Master & Healer, Tracey. I received my first Reiki treatment as a birthday present and I never looked back. Tracey was a wonderful & inspirational teacher who taught me up to Master's Level, following the Reiki Evolution Japanese Usui style of Reiki.

reiki in york

Whilst pregnant with my daughter, I continued with my usual self practice of Reiki, alongside hands-on healing, distant healing, treating family and friends and meditating regularly on the 5 Reiki precepts. I also ran my first Reiki Level 1 Shoden and Level II Okuden courses. I found using Reiki in pregnancy empowering and calming; I believe it helped bring balance and allow a deeper connection with my baby.

reiki in york

I also completed a Guided Visualisation & Affirmation Teacher's course ran by Anna-Louise Haigh, in Harrogate (a course accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists). I find working with Guided Visualisation and Affirmations a highly enriching and creative experience.

I used Visualisations and Affirmations to release any fear I had about labour and birth and I went from feeling terrified about giving birth to knowing all was going to be well and trusting I was going to have a positive outcome. Again, together with Reiki, Guided Visualisations and Affirmations are useful tools to use for healing your past, enrich your present and empower yourself to live your life more authentically and be the person you were born to be.

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"I completed my Reiki I and Reiki II with Daniela Pala in April and June 2012. Daniela is a fantastic teacher. Because I had undertaken Reiki I and II ten years ago (and unfortunately not had chance to practice it, hence the reintroduction when I finally did have time), we spoke about the course in detail, particularly because the course differed a bit from when I was first attuned..."