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About me

Back in 2007 I was finding work emotionally draining and was looking for alternative ways other than exercise to release stress and find inner calm and serenity. That's when Reiki found me and when it all begun.

I studied Reiki with a wonderful, grounded, compassionate teacher; I completed the 3 levels of Reiki as I found a way to reconnect with myself through meditative practice and self-healing. I re-connected to my own intuition in ways like never before & by helping myself, I was also able to help others as the ripple effects of Reiki spread far and wide.

I set up My Still Point in 2013 and, at the same time I started my Dru Yoga Teacher's Training (2013-2015). Dru Back Care (2016); Dru Meditation (2015-2017).

I continue to attend Professional Development courses both with Reiki and Dru to offer and deliver classes, treatments and workshops with more ease and care for all.

I am a teacher, forever a student; there's nothing more exciting than learning, writing and reading, sharing and creating. I feel at home with Reiki and Dru. I am where I need to be, in flow with intention and awareness. I embrace gratitude, perseverance, flexibility and humour. I bring these qualities with me as I flow ... reshaping, reflecting, respectfully.

My usual Reiki & yoga practise is spread throughout the day. I meditate whilst walking. I pause for conscious breathing; I stretch deeply and rise on to my yoga whenever I can...no perfect time, nor place, but here, now...

About Reiki

Reiki can be described as meaning 'Spiritual Energy'.

Although a spiritual practice, Reiki is not a religion. It was founded by Mikao Usui, who was born in Japan. His system of Reiki is rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism and based on practising the Precepts.

The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness:-

  • Just for today
  • Do not anger
  • Do not worry
  • Be humble
  • Be honest in your dealings with people
  • Be compassionate towards yourself and others

  • How does Reiki work?

    Deeply relaxing and nurturing, Reiki promotes harmony on all levels. It brings the nervous system into balance, destressing & reenergising. It helps you cope with anxiety, pain, fatigue & insomnia. It improves creativity, focus and decision making (by reducing worry and fear). These are some of the benefits, both as a hands- on healing and/or meditation session

    Reiki treats the whole person, (body, mind and spirit) bringing balance and harmony to the client's own energy. Energy follows intention and Reiki will go where it is needed.

    Reiki Benefits

    You will feel calmer; More serene; At ease with yourself; Anger less & worry less; Trust in the bigger picture; Stronger physically, mentally and emotionally; Lighter and more focused...

    The Reiki Treatment

    You can receive Reiki lying on a therapy couch or seated on a chair. Fully clothed, with eyes closed, whilst gentle, relaxing music is played in the background. There's light touch or hovering of hands from crown of the head to the feet. Though, I work intuitively, which means the Reiki energy will flow & guide me to where it's needed.

    Reiki Treatment as 'Distant session'

    Whenever a client can't travel, or they would like to request healing for someone they know or a situation they want to send healing to; Reiki can be given this way as energy isn't restricted by distance or time and all that is needed for Reiki to be received is our intention to connect and an open mind to receive.

    "Daniela is a very caring and professional Reiki practitioner and Master. She is someone who truly listens. She treats and advises in total professionalism and with genuine humanity. I have had Reiki treatments (both hands on and distant ones) from Daniela for a few years now and every time I experience them, I feel so calm, positive, invigorated and uplifted. I totally recommend Daniela and her insights." Tiziana Bertinotti - Acupuncturist at York Traditional Acupuncture

    Reiki Prices

    £45 for a 75 minutes session; £40 for 60 minutes.

    Distant Reiki sessions offered at different prices & lengths

    Email me for a treatment plan, for concessions and to discuss distant healing in more detail or enquire about Reiki Mentoring.

    Reiki Courses

    "What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows." (Paulo Cohelo)

    Who can learn Reiki? Anyone can learn Reiki. I teach all three levels of Reiki. Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden courses are held regularly during the year; enquire directly for dates and how to book on a course. Parent and baby courses and Reiki children.

    All levels of Reiki focus on the Japanese roots of practice for self-development, spiritual learning; learn how to give Reiki for self-healing and as a therapy to others; learn how to teach Reiki or take Reiki further for self-empowerment. Get in touch to discuss how Reiki can support you on your path & find connection within.

    "I felt the course covered a lot and that it was made very accessible for beginners like myself. I left feeling ready and excited (and above all confident) to give it a go in 'real life'. I loved the fact that you aim to keep Reiki simple. Returning to the Precepts and the light. That made it digestible to me as a beginner. Very, very clear. You speak from a place of gravitas which is very reassuring both during the course and afterwards." Katie Matthews, York.

    "Daniela is a wonderful teacher who is clearly extremely passionate about Reiki, so much so that I have travelled from Wrexham to York twice to be taught by her! No- one else will do." Annette Clarke-Coyne, Wrexham.

    Reiki Mums

    Reiki promotes the body's own natural healing abilities. Using Reiki during pre-natal and post-natal times can be both empowering and calming; bringing in stillness, mum's intuition and awareness become sharper to allow for a deeper connection with baby. Reiki is an invaluable tool as it promotes calm and relaxation, nurturing for both mum and baby and helping during teething, colic and sleepless nights.

    A mother's inner strength and vision is always present, but tiredness, others' viewpoints and expectations may put layers on, to blur these; Reiki can help mum access her inner truth, releasing expectations, to bring clarity to her needs and those of her baby.

    "I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of Reiki Treatments from Daniela during my pregnancy with my second child. Daniela is a very caring practitioner and makes you feel at complete ease. Reiki is the perfect relaxing treatment, which allows both your mind and body to switch off and recharge! I had the best night's sleep I'd had in months after setting that as my intention in my first session. I would recommend Reiki and Daniela to anyone who feels they need some time to relax/heal themselves on what ever level is right for them." (Laura Law - Holistic Therapist)

    For an informal chat about being a Reiki Mum (pre-baby & post-baby) email daniela@mystillpoint.co.uk

    Reiki Children

    Bringing Reiki to children is as magical a thing as seeing a shooting star on a dark night. When mum and/or dad are on board with Reiki, sharing it with children will become second nature. Whether mum is expecting her baby, just had her baby, baby is now a toddler or older...connect with me.

    I can guide you how to create connection with your children through a Reiki practice. I know children are not going to stay still for long, but with a gradual approach, simple instructions, guidance, and their parents' support, they can gently bring Reiki into their lives. Use it as first aid, use it to connect to their own voice. Use it to create calmness in a world that is often filled with expectations and chaos. Reiki may bring a soothing wave and create ripples beyond the unknown. Email me for an informal free chat.

    Dru yoga

    Dru Yoga is often called the 'yoga of the heart'; graceful, soft flowing yet potent movements, with directed breathing, affirmations and visualisations.

    What does 'Dru' Mean?

    The word Dru comes from the Sanskrit dhruva, meaning still and unchanging. Historically, Dhruva is the name given to the North Star, which remains fixed while all other stars appear to move around it.

    When we practise Dru Yoga we direct our awareness to that place inside of ourselves, called the Dhruvakasha, which is still and spacious. As we pause, the stillness we experience gives us clarity and inner calm, creating a deeper sense of peace and connection.

    What is unique about Dru Yoga?

  • Joints are kept relaxed and soft (as in Qi Gong or Tai Chi) to create a free flow of energy working with the body and mind at deeper levels.
  • Classes suitable for all ages, fitness and ability.
  • Energy Block Release sequences - easy, flowing movements to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The spinal wave and spinal twist to enhance spinal health and vitality.
  • Dru Yoga works to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body) specifically working on activating the nadis (energy pathways) around the heart centre to access the powerful energy of the heart.
  • Within the flow of movement, Dru Yoga creates powerful moments of stillness which we call 'Dru points.'

  • What is unique about Dru Meditation?

    With Dru Meditation we aim to create a perfect balance between alertness and relaxation. Dru Meditation classes always start with a Dru yoga practice; once the body is relaxed it can easily meet the mind and be anchored in stillness using breath awareness. We sit on chairs, cross legged on the floor or use a meditation stool. We invite acceptance of the environment; the body; the mind. We learn a wide range of techniques; we learn to sit in stillness and if we move, we do so within a space of quietness; being aware of our body, aware of our breath as it flows in and out.

    Meditation has a cumulative effect and can help with sleep, blood pressure, menopause, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, concentration, memory, relationships...to name but a few.

    What is unique about the way I teach?

    I offer a safe place to guide inner connection. Nurturing and fun classes; non-competitive and inspiring; working through yoga poses in stages so you find 'your' pose, the one that works for you.

    I guide you to rediscover gratitude for your body wherever you are at today. I encourage a feeling of wholeness and wellness throughout. If you are looking for acrobatics, headstands, shoulder-stands, this isn't what I teach in a class...

    I bring my knowledge of Reiki, meditation and mindfulness techniques, to my yoga classes. I do this in a very subtle, non-invasive way. Reiki comes in all that I am and all that I do. You might feel very relaxed after my classes because of this.

    "Thank you for your kindness and support this year. Attending your classes has kept me going - physically and mentally. You are a very special teacher. I feel lucky to have found you." Nicky - York

    What's in a Dru Yoga class?

  • Activations: Shaking & warming up movements to release tension, bringing you into the present moment, increase circulation and helping you lighten up.
  • Energy Block Release Sequences: Specific energy block release movements, with directed breathing to mobilise the joints and to bring spinal awareness.
  • Asanas/flowing sequences: experience yoga poses in stages, and with modifications; find your own pose within the traditional posture, working with it and not against it. Link poses together into flowing sequences together with breath awareness, affirmations and visualisations.
  • Pranayama: Learn to synchronise breath and movement. Learn breathing techniques to facilitate easier living in a fast-paced world, where sometimes we can 'forget to breathe'.
  • Mudras: Hand gestures, which act on the body's subtle energy systems to focus, direct and retain awareness or energy. Mudras are safe, easy to learn and can help us to change the way we feel as we become familiar with how we use them.
  • Deep Relaxation: Deepest healing happens when the body is relaxed. We allow for all the depth of our practise to come into bloom as we lie down to rest in relaxation.

  • "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time." John Lubbock, The Use of Life, 1894


    Copmanthorpe Methodist Church - www.copmanthorpemethodist.org.uk Main Street, Copmanthorpe, YO23 3SU

    Dru Yoga Mondays, 10am - 11.30am

    Dru Yoga and Meditation Wednesdays, 10am - 11.30am

    To try a class, email daniela@mystillpoint.co.uk

    £9 drop-ins - £8.50 per session - - when you pay for 2 to 4 sessions

    £7.50 per session - - when you pay for 5 or more sessions (generally a term)

    Reiki and Dru offerings

    Kyra Women's Project - www.kyra.org.uk

    Kyra Women's Project is a volunteer led charity that began as a support centre for women, run by women, providing encouragement, companionship, information, training and importantly, a sense of belonging. The way they work is to support women to make positive changes in their lives by welcoming them in a space where they feel safe and they can relax, no-judgement, no labels.

    "I just wanted to say how wonderful your yoga classes are, and how much they help me on all levels. With each class I build on feelings of wellbeing from the class before and I'm doing more, in terms of self-care, in between classes, as a result. I have also made some lovely new friends, which has been an unexpected bonus. I really hope that somehow your classes can continue at Kyra. Thank you so much for all you do...Julia".

    During one of my first courses there, a lovely attendee wrote a light- hearted poem about her experience...

    "My yoga teacher( why I love Wednesdays)
    I've kidnapped my yoga teacher
    And taken her home for tea
    I just can't wait till next Wednesday
    I need a class just for me
    For I need to do breathing and postures
    And I just can't do it alone
    The mirror is a poor teacher
    I just can't get in the zone
    It's just 7 days is a long time
    Daniela's class is a treat
    It's gentle and soothing and calm
    And not about touching your feet
    For I ache for daily assurance
    A soft and nurturing way
    For little in my head tells me
    Everything will be okay
    I know it's a crime to steal people
    And the police will come after me
    But it's not as bad as you think
    For my yoga teacher- she has a key!"

    A testimonial from my last course...

    "I really enjoyed the course and it has really helped my wellbeing. I feel stronger and more flexible. I was able to take notice of my body and feel the movements. I have noticed this have a positive effect on my mood and am much calmer. Blissful, calm motivating is how I describe Dru Yoga. The course was too short!! I was just starting to get the hang of it and feel the benefit to my wellbeing. I would be very interested to hear of more sessions and would love to take part again."

    "You are a wonderful teacher and such lovely company. You put everyone at their ease, and I felt very confident and able to take part which is unusual for me." Jen J

    St Leonards Hospice - www.stleonardshospice.org.uk

    Volunteering at the hospice with Reiki therapy has been an enriching experience.

    St Leonards Hospice is an independent charity, providing specialist palliative care and support for local people with life limiting illnesses. The Sunflower Centre offers an amazing team of complementary therapists where patients are supported in the best possible way.

    I attend once monthly, and each time I feel humbled by the strength, openness & grace of those I meet.

    Seated Dru Yoga

    Care Home - www.chocolate-works.co.uk

    I teach seated Dru Yoga at the lovely Chocolate Works Care Village in York. It is a real pleasure to be able to bring some light movements and tailored sessions to the residents attending.


    My Still Point offers several services for corporate teams, students and employees: from mini-Reiki sessions to wellness Dru Yoga/Reiki workshops, to collaborations with other therapists to give something unique that caters for your needs as a company; to improve mood, create focus and lighten up the spirit.

    Mini Reiki Sessions: 15-minute quick boost chair sessions to relax, re-energise, centre and focus. Hands-on healing sessions or guided meditations. Can be done in any space, taking little time away from the day's schedule.

    When Reiki met Dru Workshops: Wellness workshops that mix light and fun Dru Yoga movements to stretch the body, release tension and guide good posture; with traditional Reiki meditation & breathing techniques to calm and focus. These can be received as a one off, or 6 weeks blocks, where techniques learnt are anchored easily within the practice.

    Student Support Hub, University of York

    Daniela came to the University during our stressful exam period to offer Reiki taster sessions to some of our mature students. Having had Reiki with Daniela previously, she was my first choice when organising a relaxing afternoon for our students at this busy time. On contacting Daniela, she suggested her colleague Emma could accompany her and offer Indian Head Massage and Reflexology tasters. Daniela and Emma came along for an afternoon and gave 5 sessions each to some very stressed students.

    Daniela and Emma were truly professional, they made the small room we had available cosy, warm and relaxing simply by setting up and bringing their beautiful energies and the students absolutely loved it. Next time, I will make sure I am on the list too!

    One of our students, who experienced her first ever Reiki session said: "Thank you, the Reiki was great and just what I needed". She also reported seeing lots of lovely colours and having the best sleep in a very long time later that night.

    How do Reiki & Dru Yoga work in a Corporate Setting?

    I incorporate seated/non-seated yoga stretches to release tension and stiffness from the body, before the hands-on healing or the guided meditation or breathing techniques taught; once the body is relaxed, the mind follows quicker, therefore accessing deeper relaxation and greater levels of energy. We create a perfect balance between relaxation and alertness. Positive outcomes for productivity & focus.

    Contact daniela@mystillpoint.co.uk to clarify what you wish to offer your staff


    "When Reiki Met Dru Workshops": Reiki & Dru Yoga merge together and flow beautifully. Cristina Crespo from The Flute Connection www.thefluteconnection.com and I often work together. Offering yoga movement, meditation and flute soundscape to energise you, create stillness and connect within.

    "When Reiki Met Dru In the Woods": morning retreat in a local private wood; mindful walking; Reiki meditation & outdoor yoga; Reiki chanting & healing circle; re-connect with your own inner nature.

    "As always Daniela you have created the most magical space and day. The peace I have felt today is just what I needed, and I have absorbed all the love and light that you share and felt very connected and held. An amazing release of fearful energy during the Dru Yoga. Thank you so much for all you are & do. I am blessed to know you." Julie Keen, York

    Letters without a stamp

    I am aware of life forever changing. As the next moment takes shape, I intend to create time to live the life I was born to live. A life where expression through my words, my open heartedness & purpose is present and revealed each day.

    This space is about my insights of life as it happens; intuition is my guidance. My inner light. As I travel on my own journey; as I became a mother. I gather; I observe; I rest; I listen; I laugh; I cry; I shout; I dance; I breathe; I meditate; I move with yoga; I am...

    In this space, I share what comes from the heart, mine to yours. From an early age, I have loved words, the way we write them, the way we use them to communicate our deepest feelings. The way, a kind word spreads ripples beyond an infinite space within... to find kindness, gratitude, and love in abundance. See you in between the lines...